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Unstoppable Domains | Domain Names Without renewals (2021)

Unstoppable Domains, a company that creates blockchain domain names, has announced a new service offering that will enable decentralised blockchain domains to be accessed by anyone, from any browser, anywhere in the world, using Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Resolver. Unstoppable Domains has registered over 500,000 blockchain domains so far.


“In a time when data breaches have become commonplace, while privacy and ownership over an individual’s own digital assets is paramount, centralized control has been called into question by many forward-thinking people and companies,”

said Matthew Gould, CEO of Unstoppable Domains

Decentralized domains, as opposed to conventional web domains, are regulated solely by the domain owner and are not subject to renewal fees or price changes. Since there is no centralised authority controlling the individual user’s domain, decentralised domains are not vulnerable to large phishing scams, unreasonable take-downs, or privacy violations.

Credit: Unstoppabledomains.com

Blockchain domains are quickly gaining traction and have the ability to fully transform the “old” internet. Previously, the only way to connect to the decentralised web via .crypto domains was via a browser plug-in. The new integration, which uses DNS over HTTPS, makes blockchain domains more available. As a result, every browser will now handle blockchain domains in the same way that conventional domains are handled around the world.

With Bitcoin now trading above the  37,56,662.52 mark, more companies see this as proof that blockchain technology is here to stay and that mass mainstream adoption is on the way. According to a new Deloitte study, 86% of senior executives believe blockchain technology will be widely adopted.

How Unstoppable Domains Works

Unstoppable Domains offers users .crypto domains that they totally own and manage. Users pay a one-time charge for their domain name and never have to pay hosting or domain management fees again. Unstoppable Domains also enables cryptocurrency wallet owners to send and receive cryptocurrency payments that their .crypto domains. To send and receive payments, users no longer need to remember long and error-prone alphanumeric addresses. Someone actually needs to be aware of your blockchain domain in order to receive a payment.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a company headquartered in San Francisco that creates blockchain-based domains. The Ethereum Foundation has provided grants to the venture, which is backed by Draper Associates and Boost VC.

Github repository of Unstoppable Domains.

OKEx wallet combines Unstoppable Domains

OKEx, a leading global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, is pleased to announce the wallet inclusion of leading unstoppable domain providers. Today, users can pay their OKEx wallet by simply giving their OKEx domain names such as jon.crypto or ema.zil instead of long letters and numbers.

An additional major benefits of this integration is that users can receive any OKEx wallet-supported and Unstoppable Domain crypto-curriculum for the same domain instead of having to have 40-character separate payment addresses in different currencies. This simplifies the user experience significantly and simplifies the shipment and receipt of payments.

Why You Should Consider Getting a .Crypto Domain

What is the URL of your website?

What is the address of your cryptocurrency wallet?

What is the address of your email?

How awesome would it be to say that all of those addresses are identical?
Talk about establishing a brand.

This is now possible thanks to Unstoppable Domains, which allows you to purchase a domain for a one-time fee (yes, no maintenance payments to maintain your domain name) and use it as your cryptocurrency address, domain, and email address.

Here’s how you set up a Unstopppable domain.

Unstoppable Domains Signup
  • Sign up
Unstoppable Domains Search for the Domain
  • Select and click the checkout for your desired domain. 4 payment options are available to you:
  1. By Card
  2. By PayPal
  3. By Crypto
  4. Crypto.com app
Unstoppable Domains payment options
  • The following is the list of approved cryptocurrencies:
Unstoppable Domains Pay by Crypto
  • After you have completed your payment, this window will appear.
Unstoppable Domains Order Completion
  • Click Add Wallet to Account Settings.
Unstoppable Domains Add Wallet
Unstoppable Domains Wallets
  • To link to the wallet, click on web3. Connect your crypto wallet.
  • You are prompted to validate your registered email with the code that you receive.
  • Your domain will be updated with the wallet address.
Unstoppable Domains Claim Domains
  • Click to claim the domain. Confirm the code that was sent to your registered email address once more.
  • To verify, a sign-in prompt appears on the wallet linked.
  • Once done, you can see your domain with Manage settings enabled.
  • Click Manage to select the cryptocurrency you want to receive. Every day, Unstoppable domains continue to add a large number of tokens.

The best thing of using an Unstoppable Domains address is that you can accept payments in 70 different cryptos using a single address (and this list keeps growing as the team adds new crypto).

This function would aid in the incorporation of the crypto space into the real business world.

Send and receive emails via Unstoppable Domains

The team has introduced a new feature that enables domain owners to send and receive email to the domain address.

It couldn’t have been easier. You just need to do the following:

  • Navigate to My Apps
  • Log in
  • Send and receive emails!

Here’s a short tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to set this up.

How do you start your own UNCENSORABLE website?

If you get the hang of it, creating your own uncensorable website with Unstoppable Domains is very easy.

Here’s a short one-minute video on how to start your own website.

At the moment, you can only access unstoppable domains using the methods mentioned below.

  • Unstoppable Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Chrome Extension

We anticipate that as more websites launch on Unstoppable Domains, they will be easy to reach on other mainstream browsers and searchable on search engines.

Why do we like Unstoppable Domains so much?

Traditional vs. Unstoppable Domains

A government order can be used to close down traditional websites. If your material is deemed unacceptable, you might be barred from accessing your own website.

With Unstoppable Domains, you effectively own your own website with your pocket, and it cannot be shut down simply because your political leanings or views vary (as long as it is not illegal).

With the latest domains, you can say goodbye to bullying and unnecessary censorship.

Having your own bank under your own name

You can get a crypto address with your name right now. For example, we have an address called dropmag.crypto that everyone can send crypto to.

You can send about 70 different cryptos using only this one address.

This is similar to a new-age bank, but better.

No bank in the world will allow you to obtain multiple currencies at the same time. Unstoppable Domains addresses, on the other hand, will enable you to do just that, but with multiple cryptos from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain Domains: all you need to know

For Reddit discussions.


With 500k+ domains registered at the time of writing, there are several opportunities to find a name of interest (including your name), and in the future, this will include Crypto. This may be an excellent purchase.

We like Unstoppable Domains for the novelty of having a .crypto address. However, the usefulness exceeds our hopes, and we can receive cryptocurrency using our .crypto address directly.

If you want to buy a .crypto or .zil address, we would appreciate it if you used our referral link. It is a simple way for you to support us at no extra cost.

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