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Susmith A J

Hi ūüėÉ I'm Susmith a college student, web developer, illustrator and learning new skills on free time.

2021’s Best Programming Languages to Learn

Like any other professional field, coding languages are always improving. Some technologies have risen to prominence, while others have fallen out of favour, making it unwise to invest effort in understanding them. It may be difficult for a tech novice…

The Top 3 Best Pen Drives (2021)

The more important components that we now use are portable storage devices. All of them want to save valuable information in moving devices such as pen drives, hard drives, SSDs etc. In addition, Pen Drives get lighter and thinner with…

Best Browser For Android & PC (2021)

best browser
Are you looking for best browser for 2021, then you are on right website. Web browsers are the interface for you to view web pages. Some Web browsers only run on certain operating systems. Each Web browser comes in different versions. Today, most of‚Ķ